Food in Community enjoys an abundance of goodwill from the community, which we are immensely grateful for.

We don’t ask people to buy extra food for Food in Community’s clients at the supermarket because a regular financial donation from you goes an awful lot further, and in these straitened times, we want to explain our thinking. A donation of just one pound would cost you £7.00 if you bought and donated the equivalent amount of produce at the supermarket, and your supermarket produce won’t rescue good food from being thrown away.

Your donations to Food in Community helps keep the surplus produce flowing from the fields and to the people who need it most in the most discrete and dignified way. You are contributing to humdrum but vital stuff such as food transport, insurance, rent, maintenance, training, web hosting, etc. The load is shared by other community minded grant funders. Please contact us if you would like Food in Community’s bank details to make a bank transfer, or to set up a regular donation. You can also visit our Peoples Fundraising page or donate by card or cash at our events. Thank you!

The circular economy is built into the DNA of Food in Community and we love reciprocity! If you have something else to offer, please get in touch via our Contact Form