Food Gathering & Deliveries

We harvest or collect and then redistribute fresh, mostly organic and surplus produce that is perfectly edible but would otherwise be composted or thrown away by local farms and producers.

Please contact us if you have produce to offer. Our friendly volunteer crew are fully insured and follow all applicable safety procedures. Farm gleans are led by experienced landworkers.

The fresh food that Food in Community’s volunteers gather enable all sorts of wonderful provision that help disadvantaged people in Devon, from our own fresh food boxes discreetly delivered to the doorstep, hot meals, to cooking clubs, to community events. Why shouldn’t homeless people, care leavers, families and individuals in crisis, babies and children, adults and young people with disabilities, refugees and asylum seekers, rehabilitating prisoners and those fleeing domestic abuse, also be able to enjoy nutritious fresh food and good company along with the rest of us? Please contact us for information on requesting produce for your service, charity or community group.

Food in Community established and support a number of community food prep groups in Totnes and villages to ensure that occasional large gluts of very short-dated produce still benefit the community and don’t go to waste. They support people with a useful resource and help neighbours to get to know one another better. Groups are free to operate as they choose, with some working from the same recipe and others crowdsourcing a variety of ideas. We believe in reciprocity and group members offer back to Food in Community according to their means. We have received some wonderful recipe ideas and photos, donations of money, preserves, or even produce bags made from surplus material. New group registrations are currently on hold, but our food box recipients are invited to join a group if there is one in their neighbourhood.