Cooking Clubs & Workshops

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We run community cookery sessions where our chefs teach you some of the tips and tricks that makes our food so delicious and wholesome. Whether you’re getting to grips with the basics, into nature friendly eating, saving time and energy, improving your gut health, or unleashing your culinary creativity without the fear of wasting ingredients, we’ve got you covered. We create a friendly, informal atmosphere and a productive learning environment, not to mention some delicious creations!

We also run bespoke sessions for groups who might benefit from a more tailored approach, contact us.


Food in Community established a number of community food prep groups in Totnes and villages to ensure that occasional large gluts of very short-dated produce still benefit the community. They support people with occasional produce and help neighbours to get to know one another better. We believe in reciprocity and group members offer back to Food in Community according to their means. We have received some wonderful recipe ideas and photos, donations of money, preserves, or even produce bags made from surplus material. New group registrations are currently on hold, but our food box recipients are invited to join a group if there is one in their neighbourhood.